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Adonis Golden Ratio Review

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a 12 Week System developed by John Barban and Kyle Leon that is designed to burn your stomach fat and build the leanest and most muscular body possible without any drugs. You will receive a custom 12-week training program along with nutrition advice and a supplementation guide according to your Adonis Index to build the “Perfect Body"

Overview –

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a digital product and you will receive instant access to it after purchasing. The main program is divided into three parts 

1- Adonis Golden Ratio Training program –

  • In this guide you will learn tricks to create an anabolic growth advantage for your weaker muscles. This will quickly build strength, balance and proportion to your physique.
  • You will get your customized workout plan to down to the sets and reps to develop symmetrical lean muscle rapidly and build a V taper look.
  • You will learn about exercises that you must avoid according to your physical needs.
  • It will also teach you to strategically match your body’s hormonal environment. This will develop lean muscles and create targeted fat loss.
  • The best part is that it includes over 78 advanced exercise and instructional video lessons along with professional tips and tricks so that you can maximize your training results. You will know about correct form, grip and stance to receive continuous gains and avoid plateaus.

2- Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition program

  • The software that you receive with this package customizes your nutrition plan according to your Adonis Index. You will achieve maximum muscle growth and fat loss this way.
  • You will know about “cheat foods" to boost your metabolism and get customized meals, calories, and nutrient ratios.
  • You will learn to eat specific foods along with specific workout to promote muscle growth.
  • It will also teach you to cycle your protein intake as too much protein will do more damage.

3- Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation

  • You will know exactly the right supplements to use which when used in the right way for your Adonis Index can accelerate your results.
  • It will also show you how to achieve a 24% discount off of retail every time.

Along with these you also receive the following bonuses –

BONUS #1 – The Adonis Abs and Arm Assault

This is the perfect program to to complement your Adonis Golden Ratio system. It contains a series of advanced techniques that you will follow for 4 weeks to add muscle to your arms and carve out symmetrical abs.

BONUS #2 –  Adonis Unlimited Upgrades

You will receive lifetime upgrades completely free of charge.

BONUS #3 –  7 Days Out – Special Program

This program is brought to you by fitness expert Kyle Leon. Inside this guide you will learn how to look 10-20 pounds more muscular and 10-20 pounds leaner.

​Pros –

  • It’s a complete program for both exercise and nutrition.
  • Customized according to your needs.
  • A large and active community.
  • Weekly updates on nutrition plan.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.

Cons –

  • Not enough emphasis on lower body.
  • It’ll still take a considerable amount of time and effort to do this program.

Conclusion –

Overall this is a complete program and definitely a bargain for this price tag. If you are willing to work hard and follow the nutrition advice, then you should give this program a risk free try.   

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